SFFC 2017 Award Winners

Saanich Fusion is once again pleased to take the opportunity recognize some familiar faces on and off the field.

Referee of the Year

Soccer is about more than just meets the eye, there are laws to the game and at SFFC we have some amazing referees, our officials with their knowledge help create better players, better coaches and better fans. This year SFFC would like to recognize the following two recipients;

Full Field Referee – Josh Blanchard

Small Side Referee – Hamzah Shihadeh (unable to attend)


Volunteer of the Year – Judy Sam

Oxford defines a volunteer as “a person who freely offers to take part or undertake a task”.  Judy Sam not only stepped up to volunteer she continuously made herself available to anyone that needed assistance.  She always did it with enthusiasm, commitment and dedication, for this reason Judy was the recipient of the  Brian Royer-Collard – Volunteer of the Year award. Unfortunately Judy was also unable to attend the event.