Volunteers Needed

For those still looking for volunteer work, the club is in need of volunteers who can help clear leaves at the Lochside artificial turf field.

We won’t be organizing a formal work party in this case–schedules won’t allow it–but would ask interested members who have time this week, either before Lochside practices begin at 5 or on Friday at any time up to 7 p.m., to bring a rake or leaf blower to Lochside and clear away as many leaves as you can.  Please deposit the leaves outside the gates on the creek side of the field–i.e., on the far side opposite the spectator walkway.  If the gates are locked when you arrive, just call Brian Royer-Collard at 250-658-1008 and he will come by to unlock them.  Brian will be there on Friday to help with field cleaning, but please feel free to come to Lochside whenever you have the time.

Thanks very much,