SFFC 2012-13 Board of Directors

2012-13 Board of Directors Executive President –  Tony Melendez-Duke Vice President –  Havind Sehmi Treasurer –  Richard Halliburton Secretary –  Michelle Vingo Directors Ian Bush              Meredith Campbell Paul de Greeff     Barrie Keefe John Kilbank       Yvonne Koehn Brent Menzies     Dan Moreira Doug Noel           Justin Smith Drew Smyth The Board meets during June, July and August to … Read more

2012-13 LISA Transfer Rules

Further to the LISA AGM here are the approved transfer policy and procedures for 2012-13: Transfers: There are three (3) transfers permitted per team.  This now includes U17 & U18 and VIPL teams. Coaching Exemptions: Coaching Exemptions are permitted so long as the Parent/Guardian is the current Head Coach of his/her child’s team.  This is a … Read more