2018 – 2019 Season Start Up – Player Identification

Pre-season startup for the 2018/2019 team formation will take place for identified age groups  – please attend the correct birth year, until informed by the technical committee in writing to attend otherwise, thank you for your co-operation.

All players interested in VIPL or Gold teams should plan to attend as many identified practices as possible until informed otherwise.

Please check the Assessment Schedule for dates and locations

All players MUST be registered with SFFC (or home club if a pooled team) and attend pre-season start-up training sessions. Players who are unable to attend are still required to register and contact the youth coordinators. The Youth Coordinator will then ensure arrangements can be made to accommodate any additional assessments that could possibly be required. If you have any questions, please do not contact the Technical Director directly but rather the appropriate youth coordinator.


Players under consideration for  U13 Gold and/or requiring further review:

  • Carter Anderson
  • Sam Marvasti
  • Luke Neary
  • Ben Hokins
  • Jayson Beigen
  • Jackson Thomas
  • James McNamee
  • Christian Blanchard
  • Colton Restell
  • Jordan So
  • Benjamin Macpherson
  • Luca Cocco
  • Zachary Voorberg
  • Alexander Baulne
  • Dom Beauvais
  • Jackson Hanna
  • Will Hansen
  • Brady Ball
  • Lucas de Schepper
  • Brady Payne
  • Sean Walsh
  • Hugh Debra

Players not identified on the above list have been adequately reviewed by the Tech Committee and not required to attend further U13 Gold Pre-Season Practices.