CBSC History

The club was formed in the summer of 1969.

During the 1968 -1969 season, four teams had been formed within the community and operated loosely within the Lower Island Youth Soccer Association.  These were in Division 5, 6, 7 and 8.  Given the existence of other clubs and club tournaments, it was decided that Cordova Bay needed to formalize its operations to provide structure, identity and equipment, etc.

So in the summer of 1969, four people already involved – Alec Burns, Ted Harrison, Kris Munro and Gerry Stewart – called a meeting of the parents to form the Cordova Bay Soccer Club.  The formation of the club was approved at this meeting and the first club executive was appointed:

President: Neville Ives
1st. VP: Gordon Taylor
2nd. VP: Bob Bryden
Treasurer: Ivor Pearson
Secretary:  Pat Burns
Fixtures/equipment:  Alec Burns
Referees:  Keith White
Concession:  Pat Burns

At the end of its first season, March 1970, the club held its first invitational tournament.  Sponsors donated large team shields for divisional winners and subsequently cups for special awards.

Neville Ives remained President until 1979 – for 10 years – a club record.
The club colours at this time were orange and black.