Coastal Cup Results!

We sent five Saanich Fusion teams to the Coastal Cup Finals in Richmond on May 4/5th. Tied for most with Richmond United and Surrey FC. These two clubs have youth memberships of 3 to 4 thousand kids each. Our 1000 total youth membership is getting results. There is only one other team from the combined 9 other LISA clubs in the Coastal Cup Finals (Lakehill). Fusion only has one-eighth of the LISA membership, but sending 5 of the 6 teams to the Finals
Pictured is the three girls teams- u13 Gold, u14 VIPL and u18 Gold. From the boys side we qualified the u13 gold and u15 VIPL teams.
All teams performed well in this tune-up for the Provincials in July. Congratulations to the u13 Girls Gold team for winning the gold medal.