Conflict of Interest Policy

November 29, 2011 – 1:47pm — Paul de Greeff
  1. Board Members (Directors), their spouses (or partners) and committee members [hereafter “club leaders”] must not only be free of conflict of interest but must also appear not to be in a conflict of interest;
  2. On election or appointment to their position, club leaders shall immediately disclose, in writing, any personal, professional or business activity that may be construed as a potential Conflict of Interest and periodically thereafter update such disclosure;
  3. Club leaders shall not permit their own interest to conflict in any way with their fiduciary responsibilities to the Gordon Head Cordova Bay Soccer Club;
  4. Club Leaders shall not benefit directly or indirectly from any transaction with the Gordon Head Cordova Bay Soccer Club, unless it is to clear advantage of the club as determined by the Gordon Head Cordova Bay Soccer Club Board of Directors;
  5. Club leaders shall declare a conflict of interest and abstain from discussion or voting on any matter relating specifically to their situation, particularly with respect to involvement with another soccer organization, private business interest or outside not-for-profit or charitable organization;
  6. Club leaders shall not receive compensation for their services, except for compensation for out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the performance of his/her duties on behalf of the Gordon Head Cordova Bay Soccer Club;
  7. Any deviation or perceived deviation from this Conflict of Interest policy shall be acted on only if reported, in writing, by a complainant to the Board of Directors of the Gordon Head Cordova Bay Soccer Club;
  8. Any club leader who, by personal or business conduct, violates any part of this policy may be suspended from their role by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the entire Board of the Gordon Head Cordova Bay Soccer Club after an investigation has been made and after the club leader concerned has been given a proper hearing with full opportunity to explain his/her action. When such a hearing is being initiated, notice of such hearing shall be given to all concerned, in writing, not less than 10 working days before such hearing.
  9. If a Director does not resign despite the inability to clear a conflict of interest, the Board of Directors must determine if he/she should continue as a Director.  A Special General Meeting will be scheduled at the earliest convenience to provide opportunity to remove the Director in question, only after the Board of Directors deems that the Director in question should resign and where the Director in question refuses to do so.