COVID-19 Tyndall Park Protocols

Tyndal Field Covid-19 Protocols

When you arrive, please park and then come to the north side of the building (closest to the grass field), walk down either path towards the turf.  As you proceed down the stairs please complete the self health check as posted on the signs.  Please note that the South side of the building is an exit and for pick-up only.  

An adult MUST accompany every child for check in/registration.  By the time you arrive at the front of the line players will have been screened with parents & players asked standard COVID 19 questions which are attached to this email. 

Tyndall field has been divided into 2 zones, Zones A is closest to the clubhouse and Zone B to the West, far end of the field.  After sanitizing their hands, players will be directed either go to the left for Zone A or to the right for Zone B.   They will continue along the sidewalk within the marked path until they reach the farthest available marker to wait at.  The ground is marked with standing locations denoted by coloured tape and/or cones.  Players are not to enter the turf and must wait until directed by the staff on field.   Players for Zone A will enter from the main entrance in front of the clubhouse, while players for Zone B will enter from the gate at the centre line on the North side of the field.

Once players are directed to enter the field, and then each player will be assigned their own personal space to put belongings and will be directed where to wait.  Please send only water as refilling and/or sharing of bottles is not permitted.  Parents are not permitted inside the fencing or inside the marked pathways and must not make physical contact with their child if they choose to watch from outside.  Spectators will be permitted on the North side of the field but will be directed to move to the Exit side (South) side 5 minutes prior to the next groups arrival time.  Please do not gather but maintain proper distancing.    

At the end of the game players will acknowledge the otter team and then go to their assigned spot, gather their belongings and be directed to exit from the opposite (South) side of the field.   All players and coaches will exit through the gate at the centre line on the South side of the field and be expected to travel to the left (East) towards the parking lot, pathways are one-way only.  Hand sanitizer will be provided upon exit for the team coach to dispense.  Zone A will exit first, Away team then Home team.  Zone B will exit next, Away team then Home team.  Parents must not wait on the sidewalks but must wait on the grass or preferably on the lower path way.  Parents are permitted to walk with their child on the pathway to the parking lot but please continue to keep moving, no gathering.  

We recognize these precautions are quite exhaustive but our permits and ability to offer programs depend on strict adherence to the rules and guidelines as set out by BC Soccer and the Pubic Health Authorities.  Not to mention, that following these practices will greatly reduce the risk of transmission and provide as safe a soccer experience as possible.