Goal Post Safety


At Saanich Fusion we are committed to player safety. It is imperative that all coaches follow these guidelines at every game and practice, so our players are not at risk for injury. Our goal post safety plan has two key parts: Safely securing goal posts during games, and safely securing them after games. It is that simple. If everyone learns the correct procedure for securing and storing goal posts, and everyone helps out on the field, we can promote player safety throughout our season.

Part 1: Securing goal posts during games

On our grass fields, this is the system we have put in place for securing goal posts. Turf will have a different system.

Each Saanich Fusion grass field will be equipped with the necessary tools to secure goal posts. A black bucket with red straps and ZSpikes, plus mallets to anchor them into the grass.


When you arrive at the fields, goal posts will be chained and locked at one end of the field. Keys are in the concession, as well as with your division coordinators and coaches. When the padlocks are unlocked, please gather them together so nothing gets lost in the grass and children do not play with them. You can store them in the bucket in the concession if necessary, be sure padlocks remain unlocked.

Gather volunteer parents to help you move the posts into the correct locations for your field set-up. Once goals are in place, hammer a ZSpike into the ground 1.5 feet behind your goal post, in the center of the goal. Wrap a red strap around the loop in the end of your ZSpike , as pictured below.


Then secure the strap around your goal post base, feeding the strap through the black catch twice, as feeding it through only once will cause it to loosen throughout the game.


Once you are finished test your system, to be sure you are confident that your goal is secure. Return all mallets to the bucket, and put the bucket inside the concession.


Part 2. Securing the goal posts after your game.

If you are the final game being played on your field that day, it is your responsibility to safely secure the goal posts against the fence, and return safety tools to the concession bucket. Gather all those parents on the sidelines to help; it is the village that makes the Club!

First, remove the safety hardware and have someone bring it all to the bucket in the concession. Next, carry the goal posts to the fence where they are to be locked up. Arrange them in this formation, so goals are rolled over onto their fronts, and set into two rows.


This facilitates easy lock-up and makes the goals unable to tip over if someone swings on them during the week. Run the locks around the inside 4 corners of 4 separate goal posts. This makes it possible to lock up so many posts with only 4-5 chains and locks.



Finally, if you find a goal post like this on your field, DO NOT USE IT under any circumstances!


These posts are no longer safe and have been collected and removed from our fields. If you find one, please notify the club immediately so we can take it away.

Safety system for turf fields to follow.