Health Check

  • TeamSnap is now a REQUIRED part of your SFFC soccer program going forward. This includes both the “availability” function and the “health check” function. The health check function is ONLY available on the mobile app…therefore you must download the app in order to use the compliance features. Please do so, and familiarize yourself with its features. You can subscribe to the team calendar, which automatically adds the events into your smart phone’s calendar.
  • Please update your emergency contact information in TeamSnap under “Roster”. Over 800 players were manually uploaded to TeamSnap – as a result only email addresses were included.
  • Your team manager / coaches are working on getting your schedule into TeamSnap so you can use the availability and health check functions for each session. If you can dedicate some volunteer time to help, or are familiar with TeamSnap already, please let them know!
  • Health check is not available until 8 hours before the team event and is only on the mobile app. You will be receiving reminders ahead of the event, as well as if you arrive at the field without having first done the health check on the app in advance of arriving. Please try to make things smoother for all by completing the health check and availability in advance of arriving at the field.
  • In the Health Check, note that the last question relates to isolated symptoms that are not otherwise attached to an illness. If you or your player fails to pass the TeamSnap health check due an isolated symptom (not attached to an illness) experienced in the past 14 days, you can also use the COVID-19 BC Self Assessment Tool for a final determination of whether or not the player can train. An update must be provided to the Manager so they can mark it in TeamSnap with the attendance. The tool is at

Attached are checklists for Players/Parents, Coaches, Managers and the Designated COVID Volunteer. Please review each of these to familiarize yourself with your responsibilities as well as the role of the volunteers who you are interacting with.

The goal, over time, is to get 100% compliance before players arrive at the field.

If you have specific questions about TeamSnap or about COVID compliance, please first check with your Manager / Age Group Coordinator. Any unanswered questions can be sent to

Thanks for your extra efforts in supporting our players to continue to play soccer during the pandemic.