Important information

Saanich Parks would like us to remind people that both Tyndall and Lochside parks are smoke-free as part of the CRD’s clean air bylaw and that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited on park property unless authorized by the Parks Manager.

Help us keep our parks clean by removing any extra garbage and dispose it properly. Take all compostable or recyclable materials with you.

Parking – Tyndall

A reminder that there is NO SOCCER PARKING allowed in the 1700 Block of San Juan Avenue.  We ask that everyone respect the privacy of this restricted area and park on the Tyndall side of the clubhouse.  The map shows the NO PARKING area in red.

Safety of players in the park is a priority. Please be mindful of people walking in and around the parking lot, and avoid parking in emergency access zones.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Parking – Lochside

Did you know there is overflow parking just a short walk from Lochside Park on Fowler Road?

Parking is free in the Folwer Park lot and there is easy access to Lochside on the Lochside regional trail.