COVID-19 Lochside Park Field Protocols

Turf Field #1

After arriving in the parking lot Players must be escorted by one parent and enter to the North side of the clubhouse.  The south side of the clubhouse is an “EXIT ONLY” or player pick-up area.  As players and parents proceed down the path there will be a combination of cones and traffic tubes joined by rope to delineate a one-way entrance on the left side and a one way exit to the right closest to the fence.  

Upon arriving at the turf there will be a tent #1 with a registration table for check in, health screening and hand sanitizing.  After check-in parents will be directed to the exit to their immediate right and proceed up the path to their left closest to the fence.  At the top of the path, prior to the clubhouse, signs will direct participants to go to the left and around the clubhouse to the south where they can then exit directly into the parking lot.  A limited number of parents will be permitted to watch from outside the turf along the southern fence line and along the grass field when possible.  Spectators are limited to no more than one person per family.

Once successfully checked in players, will be directed to their left (north) along the path outside the turf towards the golf course.  This “Player waiting Area” is ribboned off from the grass field and will be marked with two sections “A” (farthest towards the golf course) and “B” (closer to the check-in) within each section will be markers 2m apart for players to wait.  This area is supervised throughout the process.  

When all players from the previous game(s) have left the Turf, players in Zone A will be directed to enter through the farthest gate in the north west corner of the turf.  Players in Zone B will enter through the middle gate when directed.  Players are then directed into their respective team areas and will have their own cone where they put their personal belongings.  Players and coaches must remain physically distant at all times while on the sidelines.  

At the end of the game players will acknowledge the otter team and then go to their assigned spot, gather their belongings and be directed to exit from the gate closest to the check-in table.   Hand sanitizer will be provided upon exit for the team coach to dispense.  Zone B will exit first, Home team then the Away team.  Parents must not wait on the sidewalks but must wait on the grass or preferably up by the club house.  Parents are permitted to walk with their child on the pathway to the parking lot but please continue to keep moving, no gathering.