SFFC Fields

The club’s home fields are located in Gordon Head and Cordova Bay and include two turf fields (Tyndall and Lochside), as well as numerous grass fields.

A reminder that Doug Day field is NOT to be used for warm-up or practices.

Note: Fields are checked for game status on Sat & Sun mornings. If you have an afternoon game and the field is marked “closed”, it may be re-assessed closer to noon to determine suitability for afternoon games. Please be reminded that as conditions change quickly, if a field has standing water and/or frost, teams/referees should use their discretion as to whether the field is playable.

Gordon Head

Status Field Checked
Doug Day Feb 15, 6:30am
Tyndall Turf Feb 15, 6:30am
Tyndall A Feb 15, 6:30am
Tyndall B Feb 15, 6:30am
Upper Lambrick 1 Feb 15, 6:30am
Upper Lambrick 2 Feb 15, 6:30am
Upper Lambrick A Feb 15, 6:30am
Upper Lambrick B Feb 15, 6:30am
Upper Lambrick C Feb 15, 6:30am
Lower Lambrick 1 Jan 24
Lower Lambrick 1A Jan 24
Lower Lambrick 1B Jan 24
Lower Lambrick 2 Jan 24
Lower Lambrick 2A Jan 24
Lower Lambrick 2B Jan 24

Cordova Bay

Status Field Checked
Lochside Turf (1) Feb 15, 6:45am
Lochside 1A Feb 15, 6:45am
Lochside 1B Feb 15, 6:45am
Lochside 1C Feb 15, 6:45am
Lochside Grass (2) Feb 15, 6:45am
Lochside 2A Feb 15, 6:45am
Lochside 2B Feb 15, 6:45am
Lochside Upper Grass (3) Jan 24
Lochside 3 East Jan 24
Lochside 3 West Jan 24