Weekend Practice Schedule (updated Sept 18)

All programs are held at Tyndall until further notice

“Return to Play” – Times for all age groups (Temporary)

Check-in opens 20 mins before and closes 5 mins before

GenderDivisionBorn1st SessionTime2nd SessionTime
GirlsU82013Sat. Sept. 19th9:00 – 10:00 amTBDTBD
GirlsU92012Sat. Sept. 19th10:00 – 11:00 amTBDTBD
GirlsU102011Sat. Sept. 19th10:00 – 11:00 amTBDTBD
GirlsU112010Sat Sept 19th9:00 -10:00 amTBDTBD
GirlsU122009Sat Sept 19th11:00-12:00 pmTBDTBD
GirlsU132008Sat Sept 19th11:00-12:00 pmTBDTBD
GirlsU142007Sat Sept 19th11:00-12:00 pmTBDTBD
GirlsU152006Sat Sept 19th12:00-1:00 pmTBDTBD
GirlsU162005Sun Sept 20th10:00-11:00 amTBDTBD
GirlsU172004Sun Sept 20th10:00-11:00 amTBDTBD
GirlsU182003Sun Sept 20th10:00-11:00 amTBDTBD
BoysU82013Sat. Sept. 19th12:00-1:00 pmTBDTBD
BoysU92012Sat. Sept. 19th1:30-2:30 pmTBDTBD
BoysU102011Sat. Sept. 19th4:30-5:30 pmTBDTBD
BoysU112010Sat Sept 19th3:30-4:30 pmTBDTBD
BoysU122009Sat Sept 19th2:30-3:30 pmTBDTBD
BoysU132008Sun Sept 20th12:00-1:00 pmTBDTBD
BoysU142007Sun Sept 20th11:00-12:00 pmTBDTBD
BoysU152006Sun Sept 20th1:00-2:00 pmTBDTBD
BoysU162005Sun Sept 20th2:00-3:00 pmTBDTBD
BoysU172004Sun Sept 20th10:00-11:00 amTBDTBD
BoysU182003Sun Sept 20th10:00-11:00 amTBDTBD