The “Great Bottle Drive” – Empties for Soccer

In partnership with the Bottle Depot, Saanich Fusion has started the “Great Bottle Drive”, what do we need from you, you wonder ??? Just those empties sitting around your house from the holidays or that BBQ from last summer.  Just pop by any of the 3 conveniently located Bottle Depot locations and return your empties letting the cashier know that you would like the proceeds to go to SAANICH FUSION FC that’s it. The Great Bottle Drive will be going on for the whole season and every season after, lets get in the habit of dropping those empties off, supporting the environment and the club at the same time !

The Great Bottle Drive supports:

  • Tournament fees
  • Travel costs
  • Provincial bound teams

Coaches please contact Nicole Blanchard – Youth Coordinator for more information on how your team can participate in the “Great Bottle Drive” and directly support your team!

Bottle Depot Locations 

  • 655 Queens Avenue
  • 4261 Glanford Avenue
  • 3961 Quadra Avenue