Travel Claim Form

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Funding for Travel outside of Lower Island

This covers out of district youth league games, BC Cup games and Vancouver Island League Winners Cup games.


1.     The club does not have the resources to provide full funding. It will fund a significant fraction of the gasoline, ferry, and hotel costs but all additional costs such as food, tolls, vehicle maintenance and repairs will have to be borne by the team.

2.     Sport BC and BC Ferries has a program to offset some ferry costs and need to be applied for by each team travelling off the Island.  At this time no other grants are available but should be researched each year to see if other funding is available.

3.     The team may ask for funding in advance once the number of players travelling is confirmed and not earlier than 2 weeks before travelling.  Request must  letter proving group room rate, type of event and location of event.

The Funding Formula

1.     The number of people funded shall be the number of players travelling, plus 4.

2.     Mileage (some examples):

Lower Mainland:    $4 per person                  Campbell River:        $9 per person

Nanaimo:              $5 per person                  Kelowna:                 $18 per person

Port Alberni          $7 per person                  Trail                       $25 per person

Courtenay/Comox  $8 per person                  Prince George:          $32 per person

3.     Mainland ferry: 50% of costs for ferry travel for all players, 4 adults and minimum number of vehicles required to transport players plus 4 adults (e.g. 15 players plus 4 adults = 19 people requires 4 vehicles, each carrying up to 5 people).  Ferry fares are to be calculated using published BC Ferries fares including any specials available during travel dates (e.g. mid-week fare saver).

4.     Accommodation:

·       50% of hotel costs for players traveling plus 4 adults assuming 4 players per room up to a maximum of $2,000.  Group booking contract to be supplied to demonstrate negotiated room rate.

·       For the BC Cup Vancouver Island championship game and for the Vancouver Island League Winners Cup, one night will be funded for morning games in Campbell River.

·       For Coastal Cup matches on the Lower Mainland, one night will be funded for teams required to arrive before 11:00 am.

·       For the Provincial Championship, usually a three or four day tournament, the number of nights that will be funded are

Number of tournament days plus 1 for Prince George & Trail

Number of tournament days for Kelowna

Number of tournament days for the Lower Mainland (assuming the first game will be early morning)



1.     20 people go to Port Coquitlam for a 1:00 pm Coastal Cup game where the required arrival time is 11:30.

Mileage: 20 x $4            =        $80

Ferry:  20 x $28/2          =      $280

Ferry: vehicles 4x$46.75 =      $187

=      $547 ($27.35 per person)

2.   19 people go to Richmond for the Provincial Championship with first game at 9:00 am, hotel room rate negotiated including taxes is $148.35, 5 rooms are required to accommodate 19 people with four people per room, cost per person is $39 ($148.35*5/19):

Mileage: 19 x $4            =        $76

Ferry: 19 x $28/2           =      $266

Ferry vehicles 4x$46.75  =      $187

Hotel: 19 x $39 x 4/2     = $1483.50

$2012.50 ($105.92 per person)