Weather Cancellations

Living in beautiful British Columbia comes with a wet price tag and though soccer is a summer sport we here in Victoria play year round.

The safety of players, coaches, management and spectators is the primary concern in any weather event that occurs during all matches sanctioned by BC Soccer. By understanding and following the below information, the safety of everyone shall be greatly increased. Ultimately, the referee has the final say over delaying or restarting a match due to weather. Waiting to stop play or not waiting to start play may result in a serious injury or loss of life. Referees are expected to act responsibly when dealing with such events during matches they are controlling.

Rain alone will not cancel a scheduled match. The following observations must be made by a club official  or referee:

  • Grass fields are CLOSED when there is standing water, frost, ice, or snow on the grass and until the condition clears.
  • Turf fields are CLOSED when there is frost, ice or if snow is sticking to the turf and until the condition clears.
  • Consideration should always be given to the safety of players in frosty, icy, snowy, and extremely cold conditions.

Please remember to check the SFFC  Field Status page for the current field conditions. These pages are updated by 8:00am on Saturday and Sunday. If you are playing away please refer to that teams website for field status.