Youth (U14-U18)

2020-21 Season: REGISTER HERE!

COVID-19 Has changed this season’s format – Please see Home Page for dates and other pertinent information

The youth program encompasses boys and girls players from U13 (2008) to U18 (2003). At these levels, competition becomes more important in the games so teams are tiered into VIPL, Gold, and Silver levels.  Every effort is made to make sure that all players enjoy success at whatever level they play.

Player Assessments/Team Formation

  • First round of assessments takes place  at Tyndall turf
  • Second round of assessments late August / early September  with team formations finalized by the beginning of September.  Fine-tuning may still occur through the first three weeks of September.

If you would like to be considered for a team, please attend your age group assessments. Note that players must be also be registered to attend assessments.  If you have questions that cannot be answered after reviewing these pages, contact the Youth Coordinator. Please do not contact the Technical Director (TD) directly for this.


  • Pre-season training: mid to late August
  • First game of the season: September 2020 (during first two weeks). Start dates will vary depending on what level team players are selected to.
  • Winter break: mid-December to mid-January
  • Cup play: late January to April. 

VIPL Teams

Gold Teams

Silver Teams


Age Group Coordinators

U14 – U18 Girls

Group Coordinator: Keith Bandy

U14 Boys

Group Coordinator: Cristina Shaw

U15 – U18 Boys

Group Coordinator: Greg Lavery